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IN A ROOM (Radio of the Day#1)

¥1800 +TAX [Released:2017.11.22]    by VLZ PRODUKT

1. morning

2. afternoon

3. evening

4. night

5. rainy night

6. midnight – last train

7. goodnight, goodmorning

ライナーノーツ : 佐藤薫(EP-4)

マスタリング : 中村としまる

ジャケットデザイン : 河村康輔

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BCLラジオを複数台使用したパフォーマンスを行う、女性アーティストA.Mizukiによるソロユニット「 Radio ensembles Aiida」の初の作品集が完成した。

「IN A ROOM (Radio of the Day #1 )」というタイトルに表れているように、全ての録音は彼女の部屋で行われた。







( VLZ PRODUKT ウェブサイトより引用 )


This is the first album of “Radio ensembles Aiida”.

She performs using some BCL radios.

As you may imagine from the title, all tracks were recorded in her room.

The sound source is all natural acoustic sounds and provided by direct recording, neither multiplex-recording nor tone processing.

This recording method is “field recording”, Therefore, it contains all the following sounds,cry of birds in the morning, rain sounds, last train, electromagnetic waves emitted from PCs and various electric appliances.

She produces simple beat & electromagnetic sound by current control of the relay switch.

It is reminiscent of error noise approach presented by Pansonic, noto, mego, who swept through the 90’s.

Also, she sets up a radio on a rotating turntable. It creates a very primitive & tribal stereophonic sound.

From the moment she put on the radio, she generates strange attraction.

And it attracts various sounds. This work seems to be a “local recording” of the ceremonial rituals in which those sounds are performed.

This may be called “Urban type Folklore” .

( quoted from VLZ PRODUKT website )